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Procurement FAQs

Q. How do we do business with the Lucas Metropolitan Housing?
A. Lucas Metropolitan Housing's Procurement department is the central department for procuring good and services for the Housing Authority and its affiliates. Its goal is to provide the best value in the procurement process within an environment of fair and open competition. It implements procurement guidelines, solicits bids, initiates requests for proposals and establishes contracts for construction, maintenance, consultant and professional services in accordance with the Housing Authority's Procurement Policy and HUD procurement guidelines.

LMH works with suppliers/vendors that can deliver the highest quality of goods and services at the best value to Lucas Metropolitan Housing.

Q. How do I become a vendor?
A. Vendors who wish to be added to the LMH Vendor's List should complete the Vendor Profile Application Form and be sure to include a complete list of services that your company wants to be considered for. Please email the form to procurement. Prospective vendors must provide the following documents at the time of contract negotiation or contract award or at the issuance of a task order:

-Business License
-Certificates of insurance
-Federal ID Number (W-9)
-Required Licenses and Certifications

Q. Where can I find out about bidding opportunities?
A. Please register your company at the Housing Agency Marketplace.  Follow the Vendor Registration link. You will be able to access and download current open solicitations.

Q. How often are solicitations released?
A. Depending on the type of solicitation, LMH may release a solicitation for services every 3-4 years. No contract can be in effect for longer than 5 years, in accordance with HUD Procurement guidelines.

Q. How do I submit a proposal?
A. Information regarding proposals and bids and where and how to submit a proposal is included within the body of the solicitation. Each solicitation is different. However, the general rule is that LMH never accepts faxed or emailed bids and proposals. Typically, 1 copy of the proposal must come in an envelope with a flash drive that contains an exact copy of the proposal.

Q. How do I obtain the status of a bid or proposal?
A. No information about specific submissions, status or awards will be made available until a contract award is approved by the appropriate authority (Chief Executive Office or LMH Board of Commissioners) and the contract is executed by the successful respondent (s). For construction bids, the results are announced at a Public Bid Opening.  Please note that the bid results are unofficial, as the bids must be verified and the submissions are analyzed for responsiveness and responsibility.

Q. Can I get feedback on my own bid/proposal?
A. Yes. You may request a debriefing meeting with a designated LMH procurement staff member.

Q. I would like to compare previous closed bids. How do I do that?
A. You may obtain this information by emailing a public records request to the legal department. Please be specific about the information that you are requesting.

Q. When is a purchase order required?
A. A purchase order is required for the purchase of all goods and services and must be received prior to the start of the work by the contractor. You may contact purchasing via email for information regarding purchasing and purchase orders.

Q. Where do I submit my invoices?
A. Invoices should be submitted through the LMH website under Doing Business - Vendor Invoice Submission.