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Message from the Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners proudly supports the comprehensive process to develop a five-year Strategic Plan (the Plan) to move our Agency forward. The Plan provides a holistic framework and Vision that will allow us to reaffirm and rethink strategies and initiatives to better serve our residents, staff, and stakeholders. As a Commissioner and Chairman of the Board of Commissioners for the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority, I am proud to support the Mission and Vision developed through the planning process, as well as the Goals and Objectives necessary to propel LMHA on a road to continued success.

The Plan has been designed in collaboration with the current LMHA Senior Leadership Team and staff in accordance with the Vision and Mission developed during the staff retreat in January 2018. It is designed to clearly articulate and communicate our Vision for the future to our vast array of stakeholders and partners, both public and private, within Lucas County, the Greater Toledo Area, and the State of Ohio.

The six Goals developed by the LMHA Senior Leadership Team and staff during the January retreat are the blueprint to achieve our Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives, and also fulfill our commitment to providing quality and effective services to our residents. Moreover, it provides a roadmap for success as we strive to attain high-performer status.

LMHA remains dedicated to enhancing the social and economic well-being of the residents and program participants it serves. In effect, we have developed a new Mission to create and maintain sustainable housing opportunities, provide pathways to a better quality of life, and empower our vibrant communities.

Consistent with the Vision of our Senior Leadership Team and staff, the Plan is designed to articulate our commitment to be a premier partner in creating communities of choice in the Greater Toledo Area. We know it will not be easy, but we are confident that the content included in the Plan will provide the roadmap necessary to achieving our Vision. We sincerely hope that readers will find the Plan to be a dynamic demonstration of our Agency's commitment to the community we love, and recognize how various key players involved will collaborate to preserve and meet our commitment to providing quality housing opportunities to residents of Lucas County.


William J. Brennan
Board Chairman, Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority