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Message from the Board of Commissioners

Lucas Metropolitan Housing is vigorously moving forward with our mission to create and maintain sustainable housing opportunities, provide pathways to a better quality of life, and empower the vibrant communities where we work. At all times we strive to work collaboratively, responsively, and transparently.

During 2021, we will seek to de-concentrate poverty and increase opportunities in many ways. We are particularly proud to have won a Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Planning Grant through a highly competitive national process.

Highlights of our work this year will include:

Choice Neighborhoods Initiative: A comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy focused to achieve three core goals - housing (replacing distressed public housing units); people (improving educational outcomes and intergenerational mobility for youth); and neighborhoods (creating conditions necessary for public and private investment in distressed communities).

Housing Choice Mobility Program: A program to promote better access to housing choice opportunities by providing housing voucher assistance and mobility related services to families with children and educate such families about the benefits of moving to lower-poverty areas; to expand access to opportunity areas; and, to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies pursued through the implementation of a mobility program including case management and support.

Family Self Sufficiency: To enter meaningful partnerships to transform lives through self-sufficiency opportunities by offering services such as childcare, remedial education, job training and transportation, which could lead to economic independence.

As we continue to work this year, we will publicize many projects and collaborations in support of our priorities. We will be mindful of the importance of our work, and we welcome all who collaborate with us.