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Leadership Team

Joaquin Cintron Vega portrait
Joaquin Cintrón Vega
President and Chief Executive Officer

Kattie Bond-Hancock portrait
Kattie Bond-Hancock
Senior Vice President of Operations

Thomas Mackin portrait
Thomas Mackin
Chief Legal Officer

Shimeako Cole portrait
Shimeako Cole
Interim Chief Financial Officer

Anneliese Grytafey
Anneliese Grytafey
Chief Policy and Program Officer

Matthew Sutter portrait
Matthew Sutter
Chief of Real Estate Dev. and Mod.

Keon Jackson portrait
Keon Jackson
Vice President of Asset Management

Shanetta Moye portrait
Shanetta Moye
Vice President of Housing Choice Voucher Programs

Coleena Ali portrait
Coleena Ali 
Vice President of Resident Services

Cheryl Phillips portrait
Cheryl Phillips 
Human Resources Manager

John McGuire portrait
John McGuire 
Director of Security Operations

Regina Mosley portrait
Regina Mosley 
Executive Assistant and Board Liaison