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A Message from the President & CEO

Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH) is achieving unparallel momentum by understanding one simple message: "Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect."- Alen Cohen.

Our actions generate unparallel synergy in our community, represented by the interaction and collaboration of multiple leaders and organizations that work together to produce a combined effect, greater than the sum of our parts.

We thrive creating the conditions necessary for public and private investments to support development activity in our neighborhoods; to offer the kinds of amenities and access to assets that are important to the families living in our community.

We persevere constructing the groundwork of a transformation plan that is focused on our people, their neighborhoods, and its housing.

We are working behind a strategy:

1. To create housing opportunities in existing high opportunity neighborhoods
2. To improve neighborhood conditions to create mixed income communities of choice

Our action plan begun: to preserve and maintain quality housing that is affordable; adding a plethora of direct supportive services and a realistic path to self-sufficiency to continuously building blocks to address the many challenges in our community that ranges from disinvestment, poverty, deteriorated structures, and poor image by leveraging our assets, including location, strong local economy, heritage, strong stakeholders, and effective collaborations.

We are leveraging our strengths to maximize our opportunities of success by optimizing the interaction with our nonprofit affiliate, Lucas Housing Services Corporation (LHSC).

LMH and LHSC are leading partners in a potential investment of more than $100 million to Toledo that aims to serve our community through many development projects, including but not limited to new permanent supportive housing for the youth aging out of the foster care system; new townhomes apartments for family compositions; and new apartment/homes for the elderly.

Our promise is to maintain a path towards the evolution of Lucas Metropolitan Housing including deals through HUD's Multifamily Program. This successful partnership will open the doors to acquire and redevelop additional assets to expand our housing services in our community.

Furthermore, our Choice Neighborhood Initiative aims to complete a comprehensive neighborhood transformation across the Junction Neighborhood while connecting it to Toledo's Downtown in what is a historic effort that already has public, private and corporate support.
Future looks bright! Lucas Metropolitan Housing is Building for the Future.

Joaquin Cintron Vega
President and Chief Executive Officer

portrait of Jaoquin CEO smiling in suit

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