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Our Core Values

The Core Values outlined below represent those that govern the actions of all LMHA Commissioners and employees and establish a standard of excellence for the Agency. LMHA's Core Values can be summed up in one word, RESPECT, meaning:

  • Reliability
    We are reliable. Whether it's to our stakeholders or residents, you can count on us to deliver high quality and effective affordable housing services to our community and live by our Mission and Core Values every day.
  • Excellence
    We strive to be excellent in implementing and administering our programs and services for our residents. Our endeavors to go the extra mile are second to none and this attitude is exemplified in our hard-working staff and senior leadership team.
  • Safety
    We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our residents and staff. It is a top priority for this Agency to implement and administer effective security systems for residents and staff to feel safe at all times. Additionally, we seek to foster strong relationships with external stakeholders, such as local community groups and public safety entities.
  • Passion
    We are passionate about helping our neighbors and community that we live in. This is embodied in our staff and senior leadership team, who are dedicated to serving their neighbors.
  • Ethics
    We are ethical in our practice and delivery of affordable housing services. We operate without impunity, always holding ourselves accountable.
  • Commitment
    We are committed to not only LMHA, but the community as a whole, by continuously working on behalf of our residents and stakeholders and extending our dedication to public service to the Greater Toledo Area when there is opportunity.
  • Teamwork
    We work collaboratively with staff, residents, and partners to achieve our goals in the interest of the community. Moreover, we pursue partnerships with community leaders and organizations to better deliver services and programs to residents.


Our Strategic Plan contains six Goals, driven by our dedication to RESPECT; that is dedicated to being: Reliable, Excellent, Safe, Passionate, Ethical, Commitment, and Team players. Each Goal contains Objectives and specific action items to measure LMHA's success. 

  1. Improve the quality of life for our residents and participants through services and programs
  2. Ensure safe and secure environments for our staff and residents
  3. Create a culture of excellence in the workplace
  4. Improve the financial condition of the Agency
  5. Improve the housing portfolio and housing opportunities
  6. Optimize Agency programs and operations

Goal 1 - Improve the qualify of life for our residents and participants through services and programs.

Photo of residents having fun at the burgers and baseball event outside

Burgers and Baseball Event

We are dedicated to creating an environment which enhances the quality of life for our residents, staff, and stakeholders by delivering quality and effective services and programs.

We have constructed five Objectives as a roadmap to achieve this Goal. LMHA will tailor its services and program offerings based on both community needs and the unique needs of different resident populations, such as workable adults, seniors, youth, and those that require mental health services. LMHA recognizes the importance of developing partnerships with local agencies and service providers to deliver critical services that will improve core life skills of our residents and participants.


  1. Increase utilization of wrap-around services based on need to promote self-sufficiency
  2. Improve resident youth school attendance
  3. Connect unique populations to housing opportunities
  4. Improve Central Resident Advisory Board participation and establish additional resident councils
  5. Provide staff trainings to improve quality of life and services to residents

Three Senior Women Residents sitting together

Goal II - Ensure safe and secure environments for our staff and residents

Elmdale Court, tan duplex with 2 stories and 3 entrances

Elmdale Court

We are committed to ensuring our communities are safe and secure and creating an atmosphere where our residents and staff can feel safe at all times.

We recognize the importance of fostering deep relationships with partners, including neighborhood groups and the Toledo Police Department, to work collaboratively to achieve this Goal.


  1. Improve and increase resident safety and security
  2. Work collaboratively with residents to foster safe and secure environments
  3. Improve staff and office security and safety
  4. Optimize property design to improve safety and security
  5. Continue compliance with HUD regulations for exigent health and safety issues
  6. Insulate and protect sensitive and confidential information in a secure manner
  7. Utilize statistical techniques to focus resources on crime prevention

Ashley Arms apartments, 4 story brick buiding

Ashley Arms

Goal III - Create a culture of excellence in the workplace 

LMHA office one-story exterior of entrance

LMHA Central Office

We strive to create a workplace environment where everyone is valued, skillsets are utilized, goals are set, and hard work is recognized.

As a leading housing authority in the State of Ohio, LMHA's programs and services are a vital resource for a large number of affordable housing residents. A culture of excellence within the workplace must be fostered to ensure staff remain engaged and committed to fulfilling the Agency's mission. LMHA has adopted measures to invest in our staff through training programs, opportunities for professional development, and employee empowerment initiatives as a means to develop and maintain this culture of excellence.


  1. Provide and administer organizational and professional development opportunities to LMHA staff through a new Leadership Academy
  2. Improve internal communication
  3. Establish methods to efficiently and effectively communicate organizational performance
  4. Build upon existing efforts to enhance camaraderie and pride among staff

3 Staff Members smiling, 2 women and 1 man

Goal IV - Improve the financial condition of the Agency 

Colingwood Green Apartments Phase 1, 4 story nice apartment complex

Collingwood Green Phase 1

Establishing financial guidelines and budgetary principles is essential to the Agency's future.

A strong financial position is at the core of the Agency's ability to provide affordable housing opportunities throughout the community and implement the Agency's Vision over time. We are committed to improving the financial condition of the Agency in order to maintain and expand affordable housing. In addition, we are dedicated to establishing core financial principles to help sustain and grow our Agency, including strong budgetary practices, cost controls, and the development of alternative revenue sources.


  1. Develop and practice reliable financial reporting
  2. Perform financial operations in a compliant manner
  3. Create and implement a Finance Department training program to improve Departmental effectiveness and ensure operations are conducted in a transparent and accountable manner
  4. Improve internal controls
  5. Identify and develop alternative revenue sources
  6. Reduce operational expenses

Robert Dorrell Manor Apartments, 6 story complex, tan & brown building

Robert Dorrell Manor

Goal V - Improve the housing portfolio and housing opportunities 

Sign up event for residents outside, sign up tables with staff to assist

We are dedicated to enhancing affordable housing opportunities for our residents, participants, and community members.

We recognize that the housing programs and services we provide to residents have a profound impact on their lives. Implementing strategies to offer affordable housing opportunities to Lucas County's vast and diverse population is at the heart of the Agency's core mission. Our Agency strives to extend our reach to those seeking housing opportunities by leveraging our resources, strengthening our relationships with partners, and collaborating with other agencies to improve LMHA's housing portfolio.


  1. Promote racial and economic opportunity and equality by
    leveraging property
  2. Increase and improve Housing Choice Voucher landlord pool
  3. Investigate expansion of affordable housing through the Rental Assistance Demonstration program
  4. Investigate feasibility of consolidating LMHA offices
  5. Secure, develop, and foster partnerships
  6. Apply for Choice Neighborhood Implementation Planning Grant from HUD to guide comprehensive transformation of a chosen neighborhood.
  7. Strengthen partnerships with local governments as a means of leveraging resources to achieve improved and sustainable outcomes
  8. Increase access to housing opportunities for homeless population
  9. Enhance infrastructure safety through preventive maintenance

Goal VI - Optimize Agency programs and operations 

Burgers and Baseball Event - residents outside under big white tent

Burgers and Baseball Event

Elmdale Court Playground, green and tan with slide in community

Elmdale Court

We will continue to pursue opportunities for additional funding and enhance our ability to provide services effectively and efficiently to our residents and participants.

We strive to optimize our operations as well as the services we provide to our residents and participants. As part of our effort to provide efficient and effective services, we shall establish a continuous process improvement initiative and develop an Information Technology Strategic Plan to ensure our operations incorporate leading practices and technology. Moreover, our Agency is dedicated to enhancing the resiliency of key business processes to ensure that critical services continue in the event of a business disruption.


  1. Maintain status as a HUD High Performing Agency for the Housing Choicer Voucher Program and achieve High Performing Agency status for the Affordable Housing (commonly known as Low Income Public Housing or LIPH) program
  2. Attain Moving to Work status to provide LMHA with additional operational flexibility
  3. Establish continuous process improvement initiative across operations
  4. Develop Business Continuity Plans across LMHA to improve resiliency of Agency services
  5. Develop and implement an IT Strategic Plan to ensure staff have effective technology to perform their duties and better serve residents, participants, and vendors
  6. Promote and maintain effective communications and interactions within LMHA