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LMH Response to Altercation at Vistula Manor

Joaquin Cintron Vega, President and CEO
Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority
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Lucas Metropolitan Housing's Response to Altercation at Vistula Manor

TOLEDO, Ohio, July 31, 2020 - In response to the incident that resulted in a shooting at Vistula Manor July 29, 2020, Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH) is providing an overview of the altercation to offer clarification and assure our community that proper protocols were followed and that we remain first and foremost committed to the safety and security of our residents.

Based upon a report received from the Toledo Police Department, LMH understands the following: an unknown male suspect attempted to break Vistula Manor's glass door with a brick. A resident asked him to stop, and the suspect threw the brick again. An on-duty Continental Security Guard attempted to intervene and was assaulted by the suspect.

The suspect chased the security guard from the building towards his car, where he was attempting to seek safety. The security guard was fearful for his life, retrieved a firearm from his car and shot the suspect.

The Toledo Police Department was called and responded. The suspect fled the scene on foot and was later apprehended.

The resident and security guard were transported by EMS for injuries and subsequently released. The suspect was also transported for treatment.

LMH continues to cooperate with the Toledo Police Department in its investigation of this matter.

"While our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved and anyone who may have witnessed or been affected by this unfortunate event, we are thankful to our staff and partners who helped us provide safety and security to our residents and families," said John McGuire, LMH Director of Security.

This was an unfortunate and isolated incident and we remain committed to building and promoting a holistic approach in achieving our mission of SAFETY (Safe sites, Accountability, Friendly  service, Excellence, Training, Youth led) for our residents and communities. Given the serious nature of this event, LMH will continue to review its procedures and protocols.

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