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Official Statement from LMH CEO - Breaking the Cycle of Injustice


At Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH), our mission is to create and maintain sustainable, affordable housing opportunities, provide pathways to a better quality of life, and empower vibrant communities. To accomplish this mission, our expectation is to ensure a safe environment for the people we proudly serve; without any distinction of race, religion and/or nationality.

Over the past days, protests have sprung across the nation. The criminal act that resulted in the murder of George Floyd is universally recognized as an unbearable wound to our society. Sadly, this is just the most recent case over countless acts of racism.

We stand with our community to raise our voice and speak out against the tireless and orchestrated injustice our black brothers and sisters have had to endure. As a society, all must take ownership as this should not be only a concern for the African American community.

We need to break the cycle. It is imperative to support inclusion and diversity at all levels. To start looking at people based on their talent, ideas, and actions rather than the color of their skin.

There is no way this will stop if we remain silent. All must embrace each other, with love, understanding and compassion.

As Americans we are called to take affirmative action to remind those who remain on a discriminatory and racist path, that they DO NOT represent what America is about.

Joaquin Cintron Vega
President and CEO