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Notice of Closing the Low-Income Public Housing (LIPH) Waiting List

Demetria Simpson

Toledo, Ohio, February 13, 2020 - There is an affordable housing crisis in Lucas County. Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH), and its community partners, continue to work toward a solution as evidenced by the recent opening of Collingwood Green Phase III. Unfortunately, the need in our community is greater and there are not enough properties available.

As of February 18, LMH will close its Public Housing Waiting List for all bedroom sizes and locations. When LMH re-opens the waiting list, public notice will be provided. HUD regulations do not require a public hearing when opening and closing the Waiting List. Therefore, public notice will be provided as stated in the prevailing Admissions and Continuing Occupancy Policy (ACOP).

Currently, there are approximately 780 applicants who have been accepted and on-boarded. They are waiting for vacant properties through the LMH referral process. LMH has over 1,820 applicants that have not been processed and who are still awaiting interviews. This brings the total to approximately 2,600 applicants who are currently awaiting housing. LMH does not have the current inventory to accommodate this demand. We feel that it is a disservice to individuals and families if we keep accepting applications when there is no real potential of them being housed in the immediate future.

We understand that it will take the efforts of many individuals and organizations, working together, to address the affordable housing crisis in Lucas County. Through new collaborations with the Toledo Lucas County Homelessness Board, United Way of Greater Toledo and other community partners, LMH is working to generate long-term solutions to housing instability in our community. We welcome input from the community on how we may work together to create housing stability in Toledo Lucas County.

LMH creates and maintains sustainable and affordable housing opportunities, provides pathways to a better quality of life, and empowers vibrant communities for Lucas County.

About Lucas Metropolitan Housing
Established in 1933, Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH) continues to provide affordable housing to adults, seniors and children in its Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, Mixed-Income and Market Rate housing units. LMH also provides a myriad of programs and opportunities designed to improve the total quality of life for our residents, with the goal of achieving self-sufficiency. The programs and services are the result of successful collaborations with numerous community partners.

Our current housing portfolio consists of 2,633 Public Housing units; 4,657 Housing Choice Vouchers, 322 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit units, 198 Market Rate units and 107 Homeownership Properties. There are approximately 17,500 people who reside in LMH properties. Lucas Metropolitan Housing partners with ALL people and organizations willing to exchange ideas and efforts to enhance Toledo, Lucas County and the world.