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Lucas Metropolitan Housing Announces Home to Stay Program

Joaquin Cintron Vega, President and CEO
Lucas Metropolitan Housing

Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH) and Lucas County Job and Family Services (LCJFS) partner to provide rental assistance for LMH Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) eligible individuals and families exiting a homeless shelter

Toledo, Ohio, July 29, 2020 - Lucas Metropolitan Housing is excited to announce its "Home to Stay" program. Home to Stay will provide eviction prevention and housing stability assistance to LMH clients and local families exiting a homeless shelter. Clients must be TANF eligible and can receive up to $1,200 in assistance for past due rent charges and up to $1,000 towards first month's rent when exiting a shelter.

Clients will also attend a housing stability class facilitated by Northwest Ohio Homeownership Development Association (NOHDA). The class will cover housing related topics such as budgeting, credit and landlord relations. Kathy Tucker, CEO of NOHDA, stated, "It is through these significant partnerships that families in our community can obtain and preserve their right to housing. Home to Stay offers hope to those who have faced a financial hardship and are getting back on their feet without losing the roof over their head. It is with great honor that NOHDA continues to serve as a partner to the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority."

As a long-standing anchor institution, LMH continues to develop initiatives that serve lowincome persons and families in the Toledo Metropolitan Statistical Area. Home to Stay is funded by a $150,000 Lucas County TANF grant administered by Lucas County Job and Family Services. "We are proud of the meaningful partnerships we've developed with LMH and other community organizations to assist families to move out of poverty. This program is vital to our community at this time - given the affordable housing crisis we're currently experiencing in Lucas County", said Breda E. Osburn, Director, Lucas County Department of Job & Family Services.

Through this partnership, LMH, LCJFS and NOHDA hope to stabilize and maintain housing for many individuals and families who may be experiencing temporary financial stress. Joaquin Cintron Vega, LMHA president and CEO, stated, "LMH is appreciative of Job and Family Services for providing the needed grant funding for this program and to NOHDA, who is providing the housing stability class at no cost to LMH or to the client. This is the result of an effective communication and interaction process with our community partners. We have identified a common vision of success to provide more options to our low-income families and individuals during this crisis."

For more information about the program, please contact LMH at (419)-259-9400.

About Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority
Established in 1933, Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH) continues to provide affordable housing to adults, seniors and children in its Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, Mixed-Income and Market Rate housing units. LMH also provides a myriad of
programs and opportunities designed to improve the total quality of life for our residents, with the ultimate goal of achieving self-sufficiency. The programs and services are the results of successful collaborations with numerous community partners.

Our current housing portfolio consists of 2,633 Public Housing units; 4,657 Housing Choice Vouchers; 322 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit units; 198 Market Rate units and 107 Homeownership Properties. There are approximately 17,500 people who reside in LMH
properties. Lucas Metropolitan Housing partners with ALL people and organizations willing to exchange ideas and efforts to enhance Toledo, Lucas County and the world.

About Northwest Ohio Homeownership Development Agency
The Northwest Ohio Homeownership Development Agency (NOHDA) was created and incorporated on May 28th, 1998. It is NOHDA's mission to prepare individuals and families for the financial responsibility of homeownership through counseling, foreclosure intervention, and education. Our vision of "Empowerment Through Homeownership" underscores a shared believe that homeownership raises the bar for families, individuals, and the communities we live in. Responsible homeownership leads to safe and stable communities that provide positive economic energy to the growth of the entire region.

About Lucas County Department of Job & Family Services
Lucas County Department of Job & Family Services (LCDJFS) provides services such as temporary cash assistance, food stamps and Medicaid, subsidized childcare, adult protection, prevention, retention and contingency services. The Division of Child Support establishes parentage, enforces support orders, and collects and disburses child support in order to ensure that families receive the financial support to which they are entitled.