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COVID-19 FAQs - Residents

Q. Will I still have to pay my rent during the outbreak of coronavirus?
A. Yes, all residents are expected to pay their rent. Rent is due on the 1st of each month.

Q. No one is in the office to give my rent to, what do I do?
A. Rent can be dropped at the Property Management office drop box. Please make sure you have included your rent statement, your name, and address so that your rent is properly assigned to you.

Q. I lost my job due to the coronavirus, how am I going to pay my rent?
A. Please contact your Property Management office via phone or email to discuss your specific options

Q. Will LMH still provide maintenance?
A. LMH will be providing emergency maintenance only at this time. Please call your assigned work order line for your location.

Q. Do I still have to do my annual recertification?
A. Please contact your Property Manager for further instructions.

Q. I don't know my Property Managers name or email address.
A. Here is a list of Property Managers by site along with their email address and phone number.

Oak Grove/Dorrell/Jade/Devonsire/Olander/Marsrow/Willow Bend/various scattered sites
Tracey Dunn Franklin
Email Tracey

Glendale/Flory Gardens/Elmdale/Mercer/Richmar/Scattered
Delaine Hampton
Email Delaine

Weiler Homes/Spieker Terrace
Amy Gerber
Email Amy

Ravine/Birmingham/Harry Hansen/Northern Heights/Pulley/Scattered
Lisa Keller
Email Lisa

Port Lawrence/McClinton Nunn/Vistula/Scattered
Cindy Shackelford
Email Cindy

TenEyck/Ashely/John Holland/Scattered
Eugenia Russell
Email Eugenia

Q. Will LMH have inspections?
A. Inspections on the public housing/conventional housing program are being temporarily postponed.

Q. Is my Service Coordinator still available?
A. Yes, your Service Coordinator is available via phone call or email only. See below list

Dorrell/Glendale/Oak Grove - elderly
Charlotte Washington
Email Charlotte

Flory Gardens/Richmar
Serina Garmon
Email Serina

TenEyck/Harry Hansen
Deb Harris
Email Deb

Vistula Manor/Spieker
Deana Glover
Email Deana

Ashley/McClinton Nunn/Northern Heights
Pam Tyler
Email Pam

Terry Garland
Email Terry

Elmdale/Mercer/Oak Grove - family
Valarie Golladay
Email Valarie

Port Lawrence/McClinton Nunn - family only
Kamaron Kyser
Email Kamaron

FSS - Public Housing
Petronella Holmes
Email Petronella

Q. Will we still have Commodities at our site?
A. Yes, currently, we are still providing Commodities. However, this may change at any given moment without notice. During Commodities, social distancing will be practiced for staff and residents. The number of residents allowed within the distribution area will be limited. LMH will exercise its' right to shut down distribution of Commodities in the event of any unruly behavior.

Q. Is LMH accepting transfers?
A. Currently LMH is not accepting transfers that are non-emergency. However, emergency transfers may be delayed due to the limited availability of units.

Q. What is LMH doing to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.
A. LMH is following it's COVID-19 Action Plan that includes three phase 1. Education and Active Prevention; 2. Mitigation Phase; and 3. Business Continuity Phase. LMH is educating staff, practicing social distancing and limiting face to face meetings. LMH has also begun to professionally sanitize all community spaces. (View the Action Plan)

Q. Are there any resources available for me and my family?
A. Yes, you can contact United Way's 211 for additional community resources. All you have to do is dial 211 on your phone.