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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Property Management

  1. Will LMH continue leasing for vacant units?
    LMH will continue leasing. Staff will be provided personal protective equipment and will practice social distancing.

  2. Will LMH Property Management Staff still deliver rent to Central Office?
    Property Management staff should continue to deliver rent to LMH's Central Office until further notice

  3. Will LMH still process pest control treatments?
    Yes! Heat treatments only.

  4. What if the resident cancels the treatment?
    Property Management should contact the resident and reschedule directly with the resident and vendor.

  5. Will LMH continue to process emergency transfers?
    Yes, on a case by case basis where the health and safety of the resident is at stake. Please Note: Emergency transfers may be delayed due to the limited availability of units.

  6. Will LMH still distribute commodities?
    Yes, practicing social distancing by limiting the number of clients in the distribution area and utilization of a walk-thru quick process.

  7. Will LMH close community rooms?
    Yes, until further notice.

  8. How should staff respond to residents who say they are sick?
    If they are in visible distress you should call 911. If not visibly distressed, staff should ask the resident questions regarding their symptoms. If they respond that they have a cough, fever, or shortness of breath you should inform their emergency contact and have them isolate in their apartment immediately. John McGuire LMH's liaison with the Lucas County Emergency Operations Center should be contacted immediately.