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LMH is responding to the complaint about no hot water at Vistula Manor for several days in the entire building.

December 28, 2019 - The outage has been restored and below is the action that was taken.

The hot water system was reported as failed on December 26, 2019.  Below is a partial list of actions taken by LMH to inform Vistula Manor residents and to fix the problem:

Regarding residents, LMH did the following:

The residents were also informed through Notices Posted on the resident doors and inside the building.

Regarding fixing the problem, LMH did the following:

  • LMH's HVAC and Maintenance Supervisors were contacted on Thursday morning 12-26-19 after reports of no hot water in Vistula Manor. Water tests were done, and the water was running and available but not hot water.
  • A specialized contractor was contacted for further investigation and it was determined a hole was inside the heat exchanger which could not be repaired at that time.
  • Approximately 10:20 am it was determined that there were several components that would be necessary for the hot water to run properly and efficiently. There were 3 holding tanks that needs repair and are damaged that needed replaced and the new boiler which supports the build would have to also be replaced.
  • Approximately 10:37 am VP of Asset Management received the call that hot water would be out for approximately 24 hours but could be up running sooner. For LMH to meet the 24 hours we had to move forward to order the parts.
  • The new parts arrived Friday Morning 12-27-19 and were installed and tested for service and efficiency. Maintenance has verified that the hot water is up and running.
  • The hot water has since been restored at Vistula Manor as of 12-27-19 and residents have hot water.

Hopefully, the above shows that LMH acted quickly to address the problem caused by the inoperable Hot Water system. It notified residents of the problem and took steps to fix the problem long term.

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December 28, 2019 
Contact: Demetria Simpson 419-259-9400