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Public Notice and Comment Period on Proposed Public Housing Utility Allowance Revisions

Public Notice and Comment Period on Proposed Public Housing Utility Allowance Revisions

Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH) is providing notice that it has completed its annual review of utility allowances and intends to revise its public housing utility allowances. The proposed changes could alter the subsidy applied, which could change the amount of rent a resident pays each month to LMH.

LMH encourages residents to review the proposed utility allowances, which are available on its website,, at LMH's Central Office at 435 Nebraska Avenue, Toledo, OH 43604; or at any Property Management Office.

Download the Proposed Public Housing Utility Allowance Revision

Residents are encouraged to provide written comments to Jennifer Todd-Warfield at [email protected] or at Lucas Metropolitan Housing's Central Office, Attention: Jennifer Todd-Warfield, 435 Nebraska Avenue, Toledo, OH 43604.

Should you have further questions, please contact your property manager.

Basis of determination: Specific information and characteristics about LMH's dwelling units were collected for each applicable bedroom size. Data gathered included building type, approximate age, fuel types, construction materials, window types, and mechanicals; including, but not limited to stove, refrigerator, hot water tank, furnace, but not air conditioning. Utility allowances were calculated by utilizing this data along with utility rates charged by the utility companies and standard consumption rates for the region.

Resident comment period ends on November 30, 2022

LMH will gather all comments and review them at the close of the comment period. All written comments will be retained by LMH and shall be available for inspection by residents.

Requests for relief from surcharges for excess consumption and payment of supplier billings in excess of the allowances for resident purchased utilities may be granted by LMH on reasonable grounds, for example, special needs for the elderly, ill or disabled residents, or special factors on a case-by-case basis. You may request relief from any such surcharge by making an oral or written request for an accommodation to LMH.

Proposed effective date for revised utility allowances: January 1, 2023.