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Lucas Metropolitan Housing to Hold Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Planning Grant "Resident Engagement Kick-Off Event" with McClinton Nunn Homes Residents


Toledo, Ohio, April 27, 2021 - Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH), and the City of Toledo, were awarded a $450,000 Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help revitalize and transform McClinton Nunn Homes and the Junction Neighborhood. This planning grant will enable LMH and the City to develop a community-driven plan for McClinton Nunn Homes and an expanded area around the public housing complex. The HUD Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) is a highly competitive, transformational grant program that drives a comprehensive, resident-led neighborhood revitalization effort. Key to that revitalization is the redevelopment of a public housing complex into a modern, desirable, and inclusive community of choice. To achieve the goals of the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, over two-years, communities develop a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy, or Transformation Plan, focused on neighborhoods, people and housing.


On April 30, 2021, LMH will hold an important resident engagement event that will begin the process of education about the Choice Neighborhoods Program and how it will help transform McClinton Nunn Homes.  It will be a fun event with food, entertainment, games, and prizes, but it will also kick-off the planning process. Residents will have the opportunity to visit planning stations that will seek resident input including what they envision a neighborhood of choice will look like in the future. The event will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. near the McClinton Nunn Homes Community Room at 413 Nebraska Avenue.  Choice Neighborhoods planning grants are the first step in the pursuit of Choice Neighborhoods implementation grants of $30 to $35 million, which are used to carry out the bold plans imagined throughout the planning grant process. "A viable and sustainable plan must have a community-driven approach that puts residents at the core of the planning process," said LMH President and CEO, Joaquin Cintron Vega.  "True grass-roots resident engagement is key to a successful transformation plan.  This event will begin that process," said Kattie M. Bond, Senior Vice President of Operations and Community Development. To support the planning process, a new McClinton Nunn-Junction Neighbor-hood Choice Neighborhoods Initiative website has been developed. It can be found at: On the website, there will be progress updates on the planning process, announcements regarding events and planning activities, and information on how to become involved in this transformative planning process.


About Lucas Metropolitan Housing


Established in 1933, Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH) continues to provide affordable housing to adults, seniors and children in its Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, Mixed-Income and Market Rate housing units. LMH also provides a myriad of programs and opportunities designed to improve the total quality of life for our residents, with the ultimate goal of achieving self-sufficiency. The programs and services are the results of successful collaborations with numerous community partners.


Our current housing portfolio consists of 2,633 Public Housing units; 4,657 Housing Choice Vouchers; 322 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit units; 198 Market Rate units and 107 Homeownership Properties. There are approximately 17,500 people who reside in LMH properties. Lucas Metropolitan Housing partners with ALL people and organizations willing to exchange ideas and efforts to enhance Toledo, Lucas County and the world.