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Lucas Metropolitan Housing to Support Choice Neighborhoods Project with a Dedicated Website

Toledo, Ohio, April 20, 2021 - Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH), and the City of Toledo, were awarded a $450,000 Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help revitalize and transform McClinton Nunn Homes and the Junction Neighborhood. This planning grant will enable LMH and the City to develop a community-driven plan for McClinton Nunn Homes and an expanded area around the public housing complex.

The HUD Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) is a highly competitive, transformational grant program that catalyzes a comprehensive, resident-led neighborhood revitalization effort. Key to that revitalization is the redevelopment of a public housing complex into a modern, desirable, and inclusive community of choice. The Choice Neighborhoods Planning grant will ignite a two-year planning process that incorporates neighborhood goals and public housing redevelopment plans for the McClinton Nunn public housing complex.

"We are excited about launching this website. Resident engagement and participation are paramount to Lucas Metropolitan Housing. Access to information is an essential component to keep our community abreast of the progress we are making as we keep working hand in hand," said LMH President and CEO, Joaquin Cintron Vega.

Choice Neighborhoods planning grants are the first step in the pursuit of Choice Neighborhoods implementation grants of $30 to $35 million, which are used to carry out the bold plans imagined throughout the planning grant process.

"The Junction Neighborhood has been working for change for the past three years. We are looking forward to doing more and we cannot do it without our residents. If you checkout the website, you can see that we are building a neighborhood of Choice," said Alicia Smith, Director of the Junction Coalition.

To achieve the goals of the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, communities develop a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy, or Transformation Plan, focused on neighborhoods, people and housing. This citizen-driven transformation will be enhanced by the addition of the new website that will keep everyone involved and informed about the planning process -especially the McClinton Nunn Homes and Junction Neighborhood residents. The McClinton Nunn public housing complex contains 151 apartment homes for families and senior citizens. Built in 1961, it is situated within the Junction Neighborhood.

"Imagine the possibilities of citizen-driven transformation! We need everyone to use their voice and power to choose how they want to see their community change. Visit the website, get involved and be informed," said Kattie M. Bond, Senior Vice President of Operations and Community Development.

The new McClinton Nunn-Junction Neighborhood Choice Neighborhoods Initiative website can be found at: On the website, there will be progress updates on the planning process, announcements regarding events and planning activities, and information on how to become involved in this transformative planning process.

About Lucas Metropolitan Housing

Established in 1933, Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH) continues to provide affordable housing to adults, seniors and children in its Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, Mixed-Income and Market Rate housing units. LMH also provides a myriad of programs and opportunities designed to improve the total quality of life for our residents, with the ultimate goal of achieving self-sufficiency. The programs and services are the results of successful collaborations with numerous community partners.

Our current housing portfolio consists of 2,633 Public Housing units; 4,657 Housing Choice Vouchers; 322 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit units; 198 Market Rate units and 107 Homeownership Properties. There are approximately 17,500 people who reside in LMH properties. Lucas Metropolitan Housing partners with ALL people and organizations willing to exchange ideas and efforts to enhance Toledo, Lucas County and the world.

About Junction Coalition

The Junction Coalition is a consortium of neighbors and neighborhood groups focused on the revitalization and reanimation of an historic Toledo neighborhood or residential blocks centered on the Junction Avenue corridor as a business district and walkable neighborhood center.

The Junction Coalition-spurred by various neighborhood and community needs-has been working with city officials and government agencies, since 2010, to combat the blight of vacant lots and abandoned houses in our neighborhood, to address the educational disparities inflicted on our children and on communication gaps that exit among us. The Junction Coalition works for the Junction Community as a guiding force for systemic change, building upon four pillars: social justice, economic justice, environmental justice and peace education.