Services of LMHA

Home Ownership

The LMHA is the largest developer of homes for sale using the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) through the City of Toledo and Lucas County.  These homes will be acquired, rehabilitated and resold to income eligible homebuyers that have completed homebuyer’s education and are able to obtain a mortgage loan.  Rehabilitated homes for sale are located throughout the Highland Heights, Library Village, Secor Gardens neighborhoods in the City of Toledo and Sylvania and Springfield Townships in Lucas County.  Each will be sold at the appraised value and there is down payment assistance available.  The sale of these homes is restricted to households that earn less than 120% of Area Median Income (AMI).  For a family of four the maximum income is $74,150.  In certain cases a lease purchase transaction maybe considered. 

The LMHA also builds new homes for sale at affordable prices.  The NSP will allow the LMHA to build homes for sale to those households with incomes below 120% of AMI, while other resources limit the resale to households earning no more that 80% of AMI ($49,450 for a family of 4).  Each new home will be sold with a 15-year property tax abatement and down payment assistance.  Please check with this office to see what may be currently available and what income limits are in place.  Locations currently being looked at for new construction opportunities are the Edison Place subdivision near the new Chase Elementary School in North Toledo and the Brand Whitlock/ Albertus Brown Homes redevelopment project neighborhood. 

For current tenant-based Housing Choice Voucher and Conventional Public Housing residents who meet the minimun income requirement with full-time employment and can acquire a mortgage through a conventional lender, the LMHA has a Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership program that might fit your needs. The Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership program provides direct subsidy assistance toward the purchase of a home rather than renting.   Elderly and disabled residents are also eligible with a  lower minimum income requirement.  The employment requirement is also waived for those that are elderly or disabled.  If you are currently on Section 8 please feel free to contact Jessie Pride- Paskett at (419) 254-3482 for more information about the Section 8 Homeownership program.  If you currently live in Conventional Public Housing please contact Vonzelle Hill at (419) 259-9515 for more information about the public housing homeownership program.

If these options are not appealing to you, the LMHA Development Office would be happy to assist in referring you to a local HUD-approved Housing Counseling agency for homebuyers education and credit counseling or to a Community Development Corporation (CDC) that might have down payment assistance or homes available for purchase in their targeted neighborhoods.

Contact the LMHA Development Office at (419) 259-9549 or via email at for locations and prices of available properties or for further information.